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28 Jul - 07 Nov 23:59
Late registrations
07 Nov - 21 Nov 23:59
Event dates 04 Dec - 05 Dec

3rd Nordic Open Wushu Championships 2021

Nordic Open Wushu Championships is an open International martial arts competition in Sanda, Taolu and Tuishou.

WHEN: December 4, 2021

WHERE: Fryshuset - Stockholm, SWEDEn

Tickets for visitors:

REGISTRATION FEE all categories

The fee for participation is 35 EUR (Late registration 45 EUR).

If you want to register in more classes, it is another 10 EUR per class (same for Late registration). This will be calculated automatically in the total amount upon registration.

If you want to participate in different competition categories, we can not guarantee overlapping starting times, but will try our best to make it possible.

Payment is done online with credit card in advance. For Sweden citizens also Swish payment is accepted.


Update 15/11: 
At this moment Sweden is free of any restrictions regarding the Covid 19 pandemic.
81,5 % of the Swedish population is now vaccinated two times, and the number of people infected in Stockholm region is relatively low, and predictions for this trend are good at this time. With this said, everyone joining the event and competition have to take own responsibility and necessary actions for everybody´s well being, and be aware of the the general pandemic guide lines and so on, since there is still risc of being infected regardless. So be responsible and use common sense!

General statement: Since the pandemic situation still is not under control, it is difficult to predict the future situation due to meetings, sports events and travel restrictions. For now, we plan to go through with the event. If the situation change, we will act accordingly to the government restrictions. If the event should be cancelled for any reasons, all registrations fee´s will be refunded. This information will be updated continuously.

Organizer AND contact information

Organizing committee

For general questions and full info about the competition, see

[email protected]

Peder Finnsiö, President
Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation
[email protected]
+46 70 6705181

The competition is sanctioned by the Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation


  • TAOLU 35 SEK
    Competitor entries for Taolu
  • SANDA 35 SEK
    Competitor entries for Sanda/Sanshou
  • TUISHOU (push hands) 35 SEK
    Competitor entries for Taiji Tuishou

Cancel/Refund policy